Cool Things In Random Places

Its a full scale model of the Batmobile
You are probably wandering what this is well it is a boat elevator
This is a hotel in Tokyo and your room is a little capsule with a TV and a couple other little things
This is a place where you can het into a cage and then get lowered into a exhibit lwiith a crocodile
On the side of this building is a crossword puzzle it's pretty cool
This is the worlds deepest pool it may not look that deep but it is 108 feet deep that is pretty deep
If you can't tell this is a claw machine where you catch your own meal!!!!
This airport is right newt to a beach its loud and windy
This is crop art of a Papa Johns pizza advertisement
This is a city made of pods as houses
Its a rolling bridge
This house looks like a giant shell
This house is shaped like a toilet
Bob Burnquist's backyard ramp it's the worlds largest skateboard ramp
The worlds largest pool